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If you are looking for a BIS testing lab for Scanners in India then, Matrix Test Lab is a prominent name in the field of  BIS testing lab for Scanners. The Testing of Scanners are covered under IS 13252(Part 1)IEC 60950  standard testing services. The Team working at matrix Test Lab is experienced and has in-depth knowledge on BIS testing of Scanners and also have worked for several prestigious clients.

We are reckoned as one of the Best-In-Class ISO/IEC 17025 NABL & BIS Accredited test lab for the products covered under CRS I, II, III, IV & V under \"Electronics and IT Goods” (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order\" by Government of India, Ministry of Electronics and IT (Meity) standards. MTL is a team of qualified, trained and dedicated employees & has state-of- the -art infrastructure to serve needs of the customer.