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Dry heat testing is the basic test type used for development, quality assurance and reliability tests. It includes heat-resistance testing and material deterioration testing of specimens such as electronic components in high-temperature environments.

ESPEC's test facilities have equipment supporting maximum temperatures of +300°C and +700°C.

Vacuum ovens and equipment with safety doors (explosion vents) are also available, enabling use of the test facilities for research and development of production technology and test technology.

Test examples

  • Checking high-temperature characteristic of electronic parts and compact electronic devices
  • Durability testing and life testing done by evaluating resistance to heat and high temperatures
  • High-temperature firing treatment
  • Drying tests of various materials
  • Preservation testing of packaged test samples
  • Heat treatment and aging processes of manufactured products
  • Checking production line heat treatment effects, research/development of production technologies

Test equipment particulars

Temperature Chamber Series (installed at ESPEC test facilities)

Test chambers supporting applications ranging from high-temperature testing to heat treatment on production lines. ESPEC has various models supporting several different maximum temperature settings (+300, +500 and +700C) and test area sizes (internal capacities) in demand.

Contact the facilities individually for detailed specifications.

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