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Function Testing

It is a type of software testing which is used to verify the functionality of the software application, whether the function is working according to the requirement specification. In functional testing, each function tested by giving the value, determining the output, and verifying the actual output with the expected value. Functional testing performed as black-box testing which is presented to confirm that the functionality of an application or system behaves as we are expecting. It is done to verify the functionality of the application.

Functional testing also called as black-box testing, because it focuses on application specification rather than actual code. Tester has to test only the program rather than the system.

Goal of functional testing

The purpose of the functional testing is to check the primary entry function, necessarily usable function, the flow of screen GUI. Functional testing displays the error message so that the user can easily navigate throughout the application.

What is the process of functional testing?

Testers follow the following steps in the functional testing:

Tester does verification of the requirement specification in the software application.

After analysis, the requirement specification tester will make a plan.

After planning the tests, the tester will design the test case.

After designing the test, case tester will make a document of the traceability matrix.

The tester will execute the test case design.

Analysis of the coverage to examine the covered testing area of the application.

Defect management should do to manage defect resolving.

What to test in functional testing? Explain

The main objective of functional testing is checking the functionality of the software system. It concentrates on:

Basic Usability: Functional Testing involves the usability testing of the system. It checks whether a user can navigate freely without any difficulty through screens.

Accessibility: Functional testing test the accessibility of the function.

Mainline function: It focuses on testing the main feature.

Error Condition: Functional testing is used to check the error condition. It checks whether the error message displayed.

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