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Marketing Manager

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T Roles and Responsibilities

  • Improving Profit margins for the organization through strategic innovations.
  • Inter departmental Coordination.
  • Coordinating for all marketing activities of assigned portfolio along with a team of Product Managers and Sales force.
  • Analyzing market opportunities to expand business ventures.
  • Customer Relation Management.
  • Coordination and management of events.
  • Formulation of Strategies and their timely implementation.
  • Profitability-
  • To balance investments across the portfolio to enhance its value
  • To monitor and control budgets, expenses to ensure E/S maximization
  • To identify investments that can be made across a portfolio of products to increase its value
  • Enhancing Market Share-
  • To focus and orient the team towards enhancing the market share of the brands to gain leadership.
  • To increase the Market share of the regions in the covered market.
  • Increasing Prescription Share and Prescriber base-To focus on key brands to gain Leadership in Prescription base and prescriber base.
  • Strategic Planning & Orientation-
  • To build the key brands and promote aggressively the growth drivers and new products.
  • To orient the entire sales and marketing towards brands and brand power.
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